People complain about George R. R. Martin killing their favourite character, but you haven’t felt true loss until you get through Skulduggery Pleasant. With GRRM you know it’s about sex and people dying. You’ve been warned. Repeatedly. You read the first 3 Skulduggery books and think: what a cute, funny children’s book. Bad things happen, but no-one important ever really dies. And then you read the next 3. And you think: oh, no, they can’t be really gone, can they? That can be fixed, right? Right?

And by the last set of 3, you’re not sure whether you’d rather your favourite died or not, but every death is still a sucker punch and makes you cry.

And I can’t help but admire Derek Landy’s brilliant writing despite (or maybe because of) that




I cant wait for Capaldi to cleanse the fandom of all of those fangirls who are only watching the show for the attractive actors. Its like natural selection for Doctor Who

As another Classic Whovian who has also been watching the show pick up more and more female fans in recent years, I just want to say …

Shut up.


Shut up.

This guy has been waiting his entire life to play this role. He is the most chill, laid-back fanboy about the whole thing. He defends everyone and everything in the fandom and their right to like what they like, and has even said that he understands if not everyone likes him.

Please do not tack his name on to your elitist gatekeeping bullshit.

Life long Doctor Who fan here (since 1988/1989). I know attractiveness is subjective, but please don’t call people unattractive to justify your problems with new fans please. Not only is this post rude to the newer fans, it’s rude to Peter Capaldi as well.